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Nahangol Industrial Manufacturing Company

Nahan Gol industrial manufacturing company located in Charmahal Bakhtiari, Brojen, Khadem Alghorani industrial area has a production activity in different edible vegetable oil fields, and produces over 120,000 MT/Year vegetable oil (liquid and shortening) filling and packaging . The company believes in necessity of research and development aiming at continuous improvement in order to increase customer satisfaction. The company attempts to have an effective presence in domestic and international markets according to quality standards .Since 2002, the company has been announced as the superior exporter, superior producing and quality control unit as well as the best entrepreneur at the provincial level.

- Established : 1994

- Nature : Manufacturing

- Total emplayees : over 350 engineer and skilled worker

In order to provide the customer needs, the company supplies following products:

· Household consumption of edible oils (low trans, semi-solid)

· Edible oil for frying

· Edible sunflower oil

· Liquid soybean oil

· Liquid corn oil

The perspective of the company is always based on the following principles:

1. Enhancing the customer satisfaction through continuous and effective communication with them, and trying to identify and correct understanding of market demands and needs of the market share.

2. Expanding responsibilities, knowledge, abilities of workers of the group by:

· Providing systematic, appropriate and continuous training in job skills, safety, occupational health and environmental aspects.

· Promoting culture of quality and participation in achieving the group’s goals and decisions through incentive systems.

· Increasing productivity and reducing labor costs, production wastes, and duplication in order to develop continuous improvement of the group in national competitions.

· Efficient use of systems, resources, technical knowledge and up to dated information technologies in order to promote quality, safety and health of products.

3 .Maintaining and improving health and safety of staff, contractors and visitors through:

· Identifying foreseeable risks and ensuring proper implementation of preventative mechanisms in reducing the severity and frequency coefficients of accidents and occupational diseases.

· Taking into consideration safety rules and regulations and occupational health.

· Organizing occupational health and safety culture to achieve a safe, lively and refreshing environment.

4. Playing the role of social responsibility and fulfilling legal obligations related to the environment through:

· Identifying environmental aspects and ensure implementation of control mechanisms or proper preventive.

· Commitment and obedience to all laws and national and international regulations regarding environmental compliance issues in all stages of production and development, including water conservation, pasture…, and reducing the environmental consequences of pollution, including transfer to water, soil and air.

According to the customer oriented perspective of the company, management, research, development, technical, engineering and commercial teams are ready to receive your comments and suggestions.