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Edible oil for frying

Edible oil for frying 

 Maryam frying oil is free from unnatural fatty acids (trans fatty acids) and is produced from permissible vegetable oils.

 Definition of frying oil according to National Standard No. 4152: is a liquid product at 20 ° C consisted of one or more vegetable oil. Maryam oil for frying is combination of heat resistant liquid oils such as canola, sunflower and ... natural and semi-solid oils such as Palm or Palm olein and super palm olein. Because of omitting hydrogenation process in producing Maryam frying oil, this product has no trans isomer, and using heat-resistant oils in the formulation, made Maryam frying oil a suitable product for all frying and cooking usages .It is recommended for frying purposes, ensure to use frying oils, because using unstable oils against heat causes toxic compounds such as Acrolein which most of them make cancer .

Nutritional points for one tablespoon
(14 g)

 Amount of energy ------------------------------------------------- 128 kcal
Maximum saturated fatty acids --------------------------------------- 9 / 4 g
Minimum oleic acid (Omega 9) --------------------------------------- 2 / 4 g
Minimum linoleic acid (Omega 6) ------------------------------------- 5 / 3 g
Maximum linolenic acid (Omega 3) ---------------------------------- 28 / 0 g
Cholesterol -------------------------------------------------------------- 0 g
Sodium ------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 g
Carbohydrate ------------------------------------------------------------ 0 g
Protein ------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 g